My beloved bag

I think it’s time. It’s time to dedicate a post to my beloved bag ‘who’ is a decade old. When people ask me if there is any one object that has a sentimental value or has countless of memory embedded in it, it has to be my sling bag.

I got ‘him’ when I was primary 4. I won him. We’ve been through a lot. He has followed me through primary school, secondary school, Junior college and then the army.

You can just look at the contentment of my face holding my bag.

It was a smoke-free stamp decorating competition and I was one of the 3 top students in the whole school. This was actually my first recognized prize I’ve ever got. I’m just too tough to puff and it has ingrained in my head. Maybe that’s why I don’t smoke.

Unfortunately, with all the books I carry in him, he’s worn down. That’s right readers, we need to send him to the hospital. And when I mean ‘hospital’, I meant the living room where “the nurse”, my mom, the seamstress, would stitch him up. This would be the second stitching.

I actually enjoy typing my bag in third person. It’s as if he really exist.

I wonder how he’d look like if he were a boy/man….. This? Probably yes.


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