Heart palpitation…sweaty palms…How now?

How does one get rid of the anxiety from tomorrow’s A levels result? [Oops, that was a bad starting, wasn’t it?]

You can’t. You just have to face it, right?

I can feel my heart thumping. I’m sweating, even now. I feel like shitting every hour.[That’s the sad part]

The scary thing is that, you get this flashbacks on every paper and how uncertain you were for a particular question. You tend to lose hope. I almost lost hope but now I’m at the stage where God works in mysterious ways. There’s always this voice that tells you that you do have a chance, if you don’t then it’s not meant to be.

But I don’t often listen to that voice. I’m just a nervous ball of meat.

I’m about to pee.

I’m waiting. Waiting for that half day leave tomorrow.

Try breathing hard and long and not as if you’re having an asthma attack. It sooths your nerves…..for a split second. If you act all anxious, you’re just making things worse for yourself.



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