Fun [sunny] and excitement [sweaty] in Sentosa

I couldn’t bring my Itouch because I had to report to camp first, so no pictures were taken. Ya, I’m bitter about it.

Outfit : I didn’t have a 3/4 pants so I borrowed my sister’s one. It’s from vogue and it was tight but kind of elastic. The zip was low. It didn’t give sufficient room for my manhood to … umm… how do I nicely put this, breathe?

So anyway, my HQ shirt was navy blue, it was nice with the exception of my NAME!!! I asked for “FIZZYFIIZ”, they missed out the ‘Y’. So, I sound like how one might call his cat.

Sure enough the shirt was too big so I tucked it all in like I was a football player, pretty fetching.

The objective of going to Sentosa was an Amazing race using a GPS, and going challenges. [Like any school orientation]

The first few hours was fun and we were enthusiastic. We solved a lot puzzles, there were a lot of them. Then after lunch, we were really tired. So we decided, f**k with the challenges, we didn’t need the cube-like MP3. Spending time with each other was more worthwhile, especially in a stressful atmosphere in an office, than sweating all the way hoping you get enough points to perhaps win the MP3.

We went down “The Luge” twice. It was fun, but I never was a driver and never will be so brakes were my best friends during that couple of minutes.

I’m going to be honest here, today is the most fun I ever had this year. OK, ‘this year’ would only account for 3 months but I was laughing all the way, I might have spit on my friends a little bit or it could be the fountain with 57 … water-shoots.

Now I’m going to give you some of the questions to the cross word puzzle and you tell me how turned off you would after reading them

1) Name one of the largest reptile in the world (3 words)

2) What does BSCM stand for?

3) What is the family name for a broad-leafed mahogany?

4) Sharpen what?

5) Experience what?

6) Interview who?

Holy shitballs, what, what, who??? I mean the questions were too generalized. At one point of time, I was like, “Sharpen my taste buds?” and my friend would be like, “Sharpen my dick” Yes, there were a lot of sexual connotations during the hunt.

Oh before I go I have something to show you. My brother bought this drink that costs 10cents. 

Let me tell you, it taste a bit like soap with sugar. I was like , “HUH?” after taking a sip. I think my brother got an offer from a ‘market’?

Until next time!!!


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