No time for ‘female’, it’s Women’s Day

It is the day. The day my PW group has always been waiting for. Well, no. Umm, it’s International Women’s Day and I feel that it’s important to give them the recognition they deserve. By ‘they’ I meant, women who are actually working [housewives are included]

So women, throw your brooms down [Oops, stereotypes there]. I mean, put down whatever you’re holding and embrace the women inside you.

Now why do they call the males, MEN, and the girls, FEMALE or LADIES. It should be WOMEN. WOMEN, where are you? Give me a sign. OK shut up

So today I wished a few ‘women’ a Happy International Women’s Day. One replied me a ‘Thanks” and included that it’s for men who appreciates women. So, MEN, tone down your ego levels a tad bit and try not to overlook the girls, I mean WOMEN.

Sure enough in a Newly Industrialized Country, the issue of role reversal is on the rise, but there’s a long way to go. Way too long to be hopeful for. I’m not going to be so technical about the issue, but Crappy McGee here does not want to go into the battle that women have been fighting for since the 1960s.

Now let’s list all the attributes of a Lady/Girl/Lesbian/Tomboy/Women

1) You have more outfits to wear. Mix and Match is always a plus for them

2) You can play with the stereotypes and be vulnerable to get what you want. Oh, but never ever use, “Ladies first!!!” and then do the irritating giggle. That’s not lady-like at all.

3) You tend to be a better in conversations.

4) You don’t need to get involve in compulsory military service. Damn it.

5) MEN actually die earlier because women release their emotions more readily while men tend to suppress them. Hence, psychosomatic symptoms. [Ya, NUS accept me for Psychology Course? I did me homework a year ago]

6) You can hold each other without others thinking that you’re gay. [I know why]




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