Universal Studio…… Ah.mazing

Now, I’m sure many of you rich bitches have gone to Universal studios but hear me out. I paid less than half of the price [especially during the March Holidays, the price is as high as a drug addict]

I wanted to wear my 3/4 short but my mum didn’t allow me to do so. So I wore jeans in the end. We met up and got off at Habourfront and yada-yada-yada reached our destination.

We saw lots of characters there. Kongfu Panda. Betty boob, Charlie Chaplin, Woody Woodpecker [which my friend called a duck], some zombie. Oh speaking of Zombie, the first place we went to was the Monster Rock show. I just love musicals so going for the show was just a dream come true. It’s not “The Lion King Musical”, which costs over $50 but it’s still fine.

Now the songs, some of them were like “It’s my life” and “Nobody but you” [Ya that irritating song]. Great dancing and singing. I truly enjoyed it. Once the girl sang an oldie song from The Supremes, “Where did our love go” [I think] and “Tainted love”. I was loving it. There were sparks and like mini fireworks.

There were breath-taking buildings and ‘monuments’ there. I think this building in front here is from umm, Narnia? because there was a lion there. I assumed it was that Lion in Narnia. Damn it I don’t even know his name.

And then came this area. Sci-Fi thingy. I almost peed in my pants. I’m not a fan of roller coasters. The last time I rode one was primary school in Genting Islands, I went on a dragon. The Galactic [above] was just too twisty and loopy and steep for my balls to handle. My manhood was on the verge of a meltdown.

So I watched my friends’ bags while they took the ride. Beside me was a little boy whose sisters abandoned to take the ride. I feel for me, so I talked to him. He’s quite shy but he was pouring all the juice about the sisters and the place. It was like a gossip buffet for me.

Me: Are you waiting for someone on the rides?

Him: Ya…..my sisters

Me: I’m waiting for my friends too.

Him: You don’t want to go on the ride ah?

Me: I cannot, I got back problem. [Hold it, I can explain…I lied] (SEE THE SIGN BELOW? I CAN’T GET ON THE RIDE, I’M PREGNANT………..OH WAIT, WRONG POINT]

Him: Oh, my sisters told me to sit here and jaga the bag. I actually want to go but they don’t let me.

Me: Oh…[Long pause for me to digest] Did you wait long enough?

Him: I waited for 45 minutes already!!!!!! haha [And yes, he did laugh]

Me: Wow!!! I guess I’ll be sharing the same fate as you, huh?

Him: Ya lor!

And we talked some more.

Next up, Egypt!!! That’s right readers, I got onto the Mummy ride because it started raining like nodoby’s business. I mean it was full on downpour. So, I heard that the ride was scary because you can’t see anything but some lights and some mummies talking to you and telling you that death is jst the beginning and all that jazz.

I’ll take you through the ride.

1) Slowly you’ll move forward and it will halt just to test your waters.

2) You’ll reach one mummy face which will mumble to you and you immediately swirve and reach this door.

3) The door breaks open like a hymen, like BAAMMM, and you’ll expect to move forward but instead the car moves back at amazing speed and I was about to die then. No shouting. Yup, I was a silent mule. Then that bitch had to dive down and I screamed all my organs out. I was closing my eyes because there were some images I didn’t want to see. [OK I peeped a little] But it was so fun!

We then went to Far Far Away. I really felt like a kid with all the mystical creatures.

We watched the 4-D movie and there were cold water spraying, wind shooting at your neck and ears. Amazing, again!

I wanted to watch more shows and musical but I was too tired and it was getting late. Ugh, so want to go there again but that would be paying over $50.

Hopefully, I might be able to do another post on this new game I’m playing, POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE. I’ll show you the pokemon I have in my team.




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