A pokemon post [ White Version ]

That’s right readers, I finally downloaded the new Pokemon White into my laptop. Before this I’ve been replaying Gold and Red version over and over again. It was getting boring and then came this.

Newer Pokemon, newer challenges. Something that keeps me interested.

So before I show you some of the hideous looking pokemon out there, I’ll show you my own party. My starter pokemon is SNIVY. A grass pokemon. People always critic the grassies. I support the underdogs

Snivy Sprite

BUt let me tell you. In every version I play, a grass pokemon is compulsory. And I’ll call them “Dory”. Sadly, I got a male one, but we accept all kinds of species, don’t we? Yes we do!

Secondly, I got this psychic pokemon. Ain’t she pretty? I need a moon stone to evolve her, but she has potential.

Munna Sprite

My fire pokemon. I didn’t really care who I catch. Fire pokemon is a little rare in this version. I just bumped into this guy and found out that he has a variety of moves.

This is one of the ugly pokemon around. But then I taught, maybe I’m being too critical. Maybe I’ve taken too much coffee.

Darumaka Sprite

Until he evolves into this… Initially I didn’t know the white strip was his teeth. The fiery eyebrows are a no-no in the fashion industry. It looks like a pig or a boar. Maybe my pokemon is a drag.

Darmanitan Sprite

I then revived an ARCHEOPS from its fossil. Something dead deserves a life again….in the pokemon world. He’s a flying and a rock type, making it weak against, grass, water, ice, electric [even though he’s part rock]. I regretted putting him in my team especially with his characteristics, “Defeatist” Once his HP is below half, my attack is halved.

Holy shitballs?!?!?! Serve me right for not doing my research.

Archeops Sprite

Now the next pokemon might shock you, but I chose this because it’s half bug and half electric. It’s a SPIDER!!! A tarantula actually. He has great speed, and he’s great. Bugs are strong against psychic and grass.

Galvantula Sprite

Now how about water type Hafiiz? Hold it. I did catch one. Ain’t he cute. As soon as I found this guy, I was like, “POKEBALL PLEASE!!!!!”. He’s part water and part ground. I don’t like to know the evolution stages. I’d like to be surprised.

Tympole Sprite

And you guys know what happens when a tadpole evolves/grows. Yes, that’s right, a toad. The last evolution looks like a sluggish beast.

HELL TO THE NO. He can’t even learn an ice move. That’s important!!!

I kind of abandoned him in the PC. Sorry but he’s useless.

Seismitoad Sprite

So I caught a jellyfish. Not tentacruel-like. This pokemon is more attractive. He’s part water and part ghost. Just my luck. Oh he also has this ability that absorbs any water typed moves and heals himself. How cool is that?!?!

Frillish Sprite

So those are my pokemon in my party. All evolved and above level 40.

I wish to restart and choose other pokemon to be in my party, but let me finish this game first.

Until next time!!!


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