No credit for a good deed?

So my sister asked me to buy her a big pack of RUFFLES [Isn’t Ruffles already big, Hafiiz?]. I got on me some ker-chings and went to buy the original one.

Went up to the stall owner. Now get this. It costs $3.80. I gave him $5. So mathematically, you’ll get $1.20. [I got that math part correct, right?]

He gave me a $2 note.

I was like pointing to the price sticker tag and was like, “EH?!?!?!”

And he was like, “It must taste nice”

Now hold the horsies, stop right there. Rewind.

It must taste nice??? Who the %^&* says that? I paused for like 10 seconds [And you know it felt like 10 minutes]

I walked off, said a great Thank You. And as I walked out, I heard this “Boy!!!” in the background. I thought I was hearing things because I was listening to my song, “Walls are tired_Russian Red”. I walked on.

I got home, I was thinking did he meant that “It must taste nice” as a discount connotation? Or was he too old to see the “8”. 80 cents is too much for some shop to give a discount for. I felt really guilty about it.

Now I’m a pretty honest person, right? When it comes to money of course. Please, money turns the world around. It sure turns my head upside down.One hour of guilt eating me up from the inside.

“F*cK it, I’m going to to the right thing and pay that bitch the 0.80 Cents he deserve” That was going through my mind like thousands of times.

I asked my sister to follow me down and it was just a block walk away, and he was standing outside his shop, smoking. It’s like predatory. And I’m the innocent, feeble stick insect who owes the uncle 80 cents. I tapped him on the back and was like “Uncle, I owe you 80 cents for the Ruffles. So sorry!”

Now, you’d probably be expecting a “No, it’s ok” or a “Oh, thanks”. Oh no he didn’t. He just did the arrogant nod with like a smirk. Hold this bitch down and tie him to a tree! Oh, now I’m the culprit? Who’s the one who mistaken the ‘8’ as a ‘0’? NOT ME.

It didn’t feel fulfilling to be honest. Nothing was lifted up from my shoulders. I actually waited for the “Thank you”, but didn’t got that. I know it’s just a small matter, but I’m not buying anything from his shop anymore. Ya, that’s right readers. Save money.

At least, I paid the guy. The crackers is religiously safe to eat.


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