I need some African drum beats in my life.

Mum, I really want to go!!! Please please please?!?!

Use your money ok?

Hell yeah I’ll use my money.

Hi there! I’ve been dreaming to watch the Lion King Musical ever since it’s been produced.

You want to know how much I want it? I have like 3/4 of the Lion king Broadway soundtrack on my iPod. I love Africa. I love musicals.[Maybe that’s why I joined ELDDS (represent!!)]

Best of all, my mum said it’s OK for me to go. So anyone out there who has the tickets already? Help me out here. Buy me one. Someone accompany me. I’m already getting goosebumps thinking about it. I’ve heard great reviews from people and television and on the radio. It’s all good. There’s just no reason for me not to watch it.

The costumes are to die for.

It’s every drama geek’s dream to be in 1 or 10 of them. The only thing I’m bitter about is that I cannot dance like them. I can’t even touch my knees without straining, let alone touch my toes, let alone jump and twist in positions that might not be good for my body.


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