I need my own muse



So lately I’ve been feeling empty. Empty in a way that I find no reason to continue living. It’s this feeling I don’t like because I still have so many dreams to be fulfilled. I need some inspiration. I need my own muse.

So I went to the library in search of a book, not really self-help. Sure enough I found this book, “The pocket muse” for endless inspiration. It just makes me think about the pictures and let me tell you the graphics and pictures are amazing. Initially the book was for writing purposes, but I just have this empathy for the pictures. A pictorial empathy? I don’t know.


While I thought of the pictures, I’m actually doing some self-check or a ‘news flash’ of my life.




I thought of the pictures and why they area it in a certain angle. Rather that playing pokemon all day, this book just keeps me aware. Aware of not only my life but the people around me.

Other than this book, I borrowed an introductory of Freud. It’s about psychology and I love his Hypothesis and his theories. It’s actually too general to do any analysis on, but it’s enough to be criticized.


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