Plan for today


So today is the weekends. Let all forget about the song ,‘friday’. It’s like killing me. I’m now on my bed ready to shower. So here’s the plan for today.

1) On the laptop after showering and play pokemon

2) Find and plan which clothes I should buy. I’m planning to buy me some earth tone colours. Such colours, I feel, fits me. It’s very grounded and urban, [I did not know why I used the word, grounded but yeah] Not too tight. I don’t want to look too anorexic. I need someone to buy me the clothes. Someone with like great fashion sense and is economically aware that there is a budget of $150-ish.



3) I’m going to find out when the lion king musical will start, the cost and all that jazz. I’m going to watch it if it’s the last thing I ever do. That’s right bitches. We gonna stand strong and hope that fate is with us on these tickets.


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