Drama in the Bus.

OK so, hello everybody. I’m back for another rant post. So bare with it. This one would be about crowded buses and the people involved. I tried to get a picture which does not possess any stereotypes, but the ones in India exaggerates my post topic and that’s why I love it.

So, as usual the bus was all full and we had to push ourselves to get into the bus. Now here’s the thing, there’s always this problem where people are not moving in. The bus I got into was packed and no visible spaces could be seen.

Once it’s all filled up, the bus stopped at the next bus stop and this old man was shouting outside the bus “OOII MOVE IN!!!”…. Pushed himself in.. and stood beside me. I was in my own world listening to some Donny Hathaway.

“All the one in uniform all move!!!’

SNAP!!!! I woke up from my unconscious. Wait a minute… ‘all..in uniform??’ WTF, that’s me!!! He grabbed the 2 ends of the poles on top and was like ‘gliding’ through the crowd [passed me] and was rubbing his thick arm hair onto MA’ FACE!!! I was like, “BITCH GET YOUR SWEATY ARMS OUTTA MA’  FACE” [Interior monologue that is]

And don’t get me started on the arm hair…..

So, no “Excuse me”. No, “Please move in“. It was sweaty grandpa walzting…]OK not waltzing, but waddling] passed us.

Wait, there’s a part 2!

You know how the new buses look like. It’s wider, not longer. There’s this steps up to the back. No one went up, except me [because I’m civil…] Now again, I was in my own world and I heard this faint voice.

It’s an old lady. I couldn’t hear all of her complaints, but I did catch “…no safety precautions one…” to the bus driver. Before that the bus driver pleaded the passengers to move to the back because there’s some feeble old grannies with dyed hair [trying to look young, but complaining that they need the safety because of their age] are suffering when the bus turns to a corner.

I mean, don’t complain when you’re the one alighting on the next stop.

The bus driver, drives. The passenger moves into the bus and fills up all the gaps. Like sheep do. I pity the bus driver because he’s not guilty. He did what he had to do. We’re just not listening.

That was just too much drama for me in 2 bus rides.


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