Night life isn’t my thing

Now you’d think the night life here, in Northern Yishun, would be like that below. It’s not. It’s not so bright. It’s like a long alley. With freaky people wandering about like addicts. I mean, literally, me and my sister saw like a guy with goth-like eyes and pale skin walk past us. [And it’s not paranormal, I’ve  seen him at the bus stop before]

Here’s the thing, I’ve never left the ‘nest’ at night for leisure before. I’ve always felt that sunlight is my water. Sunlight is my source of energy.

It’s different than the bright and sunny comfort zone. I thought it wouldn’t be different, but once I walked down 5 blocks, I felt like someone could just jump on me and like assault me…sexually. I’m just saying.

Not only was it so silent you could here my fart [ I didn’t say I did, it’s an imagery?], the atmosphere alone almost killed me.

Now, you guys might be wondering why I’d be out so late….I went grocery shopping. Yeah.

Cereal and milk


Tic Tac

Yogurt [for health, after thinking of the junk food I ate]

Total, I spent about $13. I still have to buy clothes. It’s like Winter season and the clothes are fabulous. By ‘fabulous’, I meant that it covers most of the skin and I feel comfortable wearing it. I need to buy jeans. Those from Mustafa centre is not fitted, it’s baggy and does not fit with most of my ensemble.

I mean, look at that. I would sign 10 extras just to get 2 of these outfits. I don’t mind looking like a small dutch boy. Grey and neutral tones is what I’m looking at right now in my closet palette.


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