Passport photo shoot shivers


Now you know I can never take a full on face shot without tilting my face. So that’s my disclaimer.

So anyway, I took a leave today to rest and I was browsing SMU’s website until I saw this point in the website that I had to send a photo online.

Holy shitballs, I haven’t sent my picture! How lucky was I that I took leave today and the next day is the closing date to apply. Oh wait it’s on the 8th for SMU, ok carrying on.

I searched my whole computer for an appropriate size photo, but to no avail. Then my mum told me to go to the market and get my passport photo since I ran out of it anyway. [The NS one was too ugly, I had to hide them away from civilization]

OK here’s the thing, I don’t have clear skin. I have oily skin and acne-prone skin. So blending and concealing it is important because I don’t want to look like tortillas.

So there I was, concealing, contouring, trying to get a natural masculine look without looking drag. I asked me mum to check if it’s OK and she said it was. Once she looked at my reflection, she told me it’s too thick. She said, the mirror lies and so does the camera. So she rubbed off 1/3 of what I had on.

Sure enough I had to practice my up front face shot [spent at leadt 20 minutes before going out to the shop]. Normally, I’d smile really wide but my mum told me I looked like a crazy child. So, no teeth. Maybe just a little? No

So, I went to the photocopy shop and the uncle told me that I looked ready for the shot. Hell to the Yeah, was I ready!

I asked him if I could see the pictures taken and choose. He agreed, but only 2 shots allowed. So I was like, shit! Just enough for a ‘teeth’ and ‘no-teeth’ shot.

So finally, I’m satisfied with my shot but it doesn’t scream, “PICK ME FOR YOUR UNI!!!’ Maybe I was going for an innocent look like, “Hey, I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke so pick me!” I look a little pudgy right there. What the hell.


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