I feel like I’m in medieval times.

This would be part song review and part ‘for fun’ post.

Good Evening Lords and Maidens. Welcome to the mystical world of – OK, no more of that.

I’ve been listening to some Joanna Newsom, the harpist, and I’m in love with the song ” ’81”. When you hear phrases like ‘..garden of Eden..’ or “…St. George and the dragon…” you immediately get a medieval-like setting or dragons and knights and flower girls skipping in circles lying on the soft patches of grasses [probably got loads of itch after that].

Ugh, I feel like dressing up as some jester or a prince or some servant.

Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Greq05zAS9g

[That’s if you bother]

The music is dreamy and the meaning is just filled with emotions. Basically the song is about rebirth and revival of oneself, accepting the new you while getting on good terms of your memories.

Again, if you’re expecting Hard, Cold Metal songs, it’s definitely not this one.

I’m trying to shoot a Cupid’s arrow at y’all. It’ll go right through your heart but I think it’d stopped at the part that was cold. Let’s face it guys, my taste in music might not be the norm, but it has great literary meaning.


2 Responses to I feel like I’m in medieval times.

  1. diana says:

    u knw joanna newsom just came to singapore! i didnt go though haha

    • fizzyfizz says:

      I know!!! But that’s after her throat surgery

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