Better than a slice of birthday cake…

Before you read this, beware. It’s highly narcissistic.

There’s a lot of pictures, so if you want to see all of them, load, wait and do something else for a while. Then come back.

So last Sunday, it’s my mum’s birthday. She’s 30 years young. [ OK, she’s 49 years young] She deserves a break and where else to get back to nature than the ZOO.

It’s my dad’s favourite place. There’s an Africa Theme place that I looked forward to.

Now the three animals I wanted to see is the Flamingo, Giraffe and the Gazelle.

My jaws just dropped when I saw the flamingo. I know, just the flamingo and I’ve peed in my pants.

Then it was the Leopard. Now, when I was in Africa, I didn’t see any cats there. [Leopards, included] So when you have a wild cat just a palm away from you, just a glass panel away, you’re in awe of it’s grace. it’s so majestic and beautiful.

So I decided to follow suit. It’s a good try, though.

THE GIRAFFE!!!! Finally they’ve been imported and shipped here. I just had to pose beside it. Now, since I’m at this photo, if you see many animalistic poses by me, I’m just being me. [In the wild.] Come on, don’t you feel the drums beating?

Hell to the No am I going in there. I did anyway. I totally forgot they were in glass containers.

Since it’s Sunday, I’d think the animals were bored and lazy. This Orang Hutan here is one bad audience member. We don’t want that.

The animal show was so-so, same-ol’ same-‘ol. Hosts were better. More articulate.

My mum was being a mother here. The emcee asked if any of the the audience wanted to throw the Frisbee to the sea-lion. Immediately my mum, “KAU JANGAN EH”, to me and my siblings. Basically, in my language she’s like, “Don’t you dare raise raise your hand”

The we went to the Himalayas place. It’s this tribal looking area dedicated to animals in the … Himalayas.

This couple right there sitting beside the waterfall. Absolutely romantic. It’s Mummy and Daddy time. Or Daddy and Daddy time, we accept all.

Again, we just had to pose with the nude statues.

OK, I can explain.

I saw this statue of a tiger and had to fill in the space beside it.

In the Australian Outback area. Of course there were the Kangaroos. And then we saw this jungle jeep. Had to get in there and snap some shots.

The emu. Animal of Attitude, I’d say. How about taking down the attitude a few notches, huh? And ya, you have a big ass. You only have 3 toes.


The next Animal Show was about saving the rain forest. So of course there’s be some tribal men, shirtless and their manhood almost hanging out in the breeze.

They went up to one of the audience with shirt unbuttoned. [Must be hot there, oh yeah, it was] And they told him to take off his shirt and pants. Sorry girls, only the shirts was taken off. Now he’s there flexing, but trust me they told him to flex.


Some burst shots with our camera. This was the best out of the 10 shots taken. Very candid.

How can my mum resist the botanical and herb area. She like a kid once again.

The Kid’s world changed a whole lot. I mean, new water playground, new animals… booths. Mum felt like she’s in the Kampung days.

After like 7 hours, I was too tired to smile or pose. In fact my sister thought I shows a little attitude to the camera. I might have fed off from the poor Emu.

At home, we cut an ice cream cakes. There were dry ice in the box and we totally dunked them into hot water and it was one cool atmosphere…. for 5 minutes.

So there it is, many more pictures and variety of poses in Facebook. It’s difficult to upload them.

2 Responses to Better than a slice of birthday cake…

  1. Amelia says:

    I knew u would take a photo with the giraffes! hahah miss u fishy!

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Haha, I know right! I miss you too!!!

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