Fizzy Goes For An Interview

So today was the interview for my Arts and Social Science. I did my preparation back in camp. I did a lot of research at home. I’m was ready to show them my personality, my spiritual side and my passion for psychology.

The night before the interview, I was all confused on what to wear. “Smart Casual”. Straight away I thought of preppy, rich kid, formal but innocent in a way. I wore my white shirt with a short sleeve V-neck over it. I looked a bit like going back to school.

My hair was a baby quiff. I took like 1 minute to get that up. I brought along my “Too Tuff Too Puff” bag.

I wasn’t really nervous, but I was lost. I didn’t know the building was just adjacent to the MRT station. I thought I had to walk out.

So anyway, I was half an hour too early. I met this girl, Linda. Nice and pretty girl going for the same interview for the same course. Luckily she had to go into the other room.

Sure enough it was my turn to get interviewed and it was 2 ladies. [Thank god my flamboyant self, they can tolerate] There was a lot of the “Hmmm” like they were impressed, but there were also a lot of “Hmm” like they were confused. Some eyebrow actions caught me off guard, I had to change it up.

So they asked me a lot of questions. I don’t know exactly what I said but here it goes.

1) Why Arts and Social Science?

This one I was prepared for, I just say it out with conviction. I think everyone would have prepared for it. And then I talked about my interest in psychology and how the trip to Africa triggered it, just because she was holding on to my copy of my testimonial. Well, I can’t just stop there, I’ve got to explain why in Africa.

I talked about the different perception of beauty and how I saw myself thinking of the boundaries of beauty between tradition and ‘Americanism’ when it comes to skin whitening and hair relaxing. [Then the atmosphere sank to informality] I totally forgot about the interview.

2) Why do you think people there prefer lighter skin?

[ Damn it for me talking about beauty in the previous question ]

I talked about how their mindset is grounded by society’s perception and yada-yada yada. I got some impressed looks, though.

3) Why do you think there’s NS in Singapore?

WAIT, WHAT? About NS? I was shocked.

It was a short answer and she had to repeat the question thrice and I then know that I screwed up that question.

Then she went to a controversial question about my views on something [I can’t write it down here] Well, I told them I didn’t want to get deep into the question but they told me that they won’t tell anyone.

“HA HA” , I laughed, still trying to think of an answer.

4) I see that you for an E for your GP, what happened?

Oh Gosh, I almost had a panic attack. I can’t say that I didn’t expect it and that I’ve always been weak in GP, that’d just set the whole tone to a teller that I don’t deserve to be there.

I stopped thinking and I told them that I was trying too hard and that my voice got drowned beneath all the mush. One of them asked me what I wrote for my essay but I forgot. I just came up with new points on the spot. [But I was still smiling and posing at any hand gesticulation]


2 Responses to Fizzy Goes For An Interview

  1. rediscoveraisyah says:

    the way you blog just keeps getting better man. school girl crush on your blogggg

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Aww thx! I learned from the best, of course 🙂

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