Lessons learned from cartoons of the ’80 & ’90s

Today’s Sunday, so it’s time for more episodes watching. I was hoping to find some shows I watched it 10 years ago. [I feel so old now] So anyway, cartoons today are all too complicated for me to enjoy. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to think.

So I was looking for “Flint the Time Detective” for over 5 years and I finally found it in Yahoo. It was a good 5 hours of cartoon marathon. Good ol’ days.

Lesson Learned: It’s OK to be friends with a cave boy.

So the cartoon is about this time detective whose father was fossilized and remained that manner. So the main plot is about him retrieving all the Time Shifters from the Time Thief. There’s a lot of comedy in it. The villain is funny. It’s kind of like Pokemon but there’s more action.

When you think cave boy, you think weird looking boy who might just thrash the place upside down. No. This just proves that weirdos [who time travels] can be just as friendly or friendlier to others.

So there are other shows that I’m planning to watch over the month:

1) Monster Rancher

Lesson Learned: There’s a monster in each and everyone of you.

Like how each monster is found in a specific disc stone, I feel that our personality is for us to discover and now for others to manipulate.

2) Cardcaptor Sakura

Clow Card: The Watery

OK, I can explain. I know it’s mainly a girl’s show but any show with like magical or mystical theme with monsters or magical being just interests me. So, X-men and all that jazz works.

Lesson Learned: Female [I mean women] takes its form of every element on earth.

If you haven’t realize this, every Clow Cards are female. Watery, Sleep, Wood [My favorite clow card] and i think 30+ more. They’re all pretty and powerful. I can’t say Alpha-female but they do show the girls (and women) that they are part and parcel of life and we have to embrace them. And it’s always good to have a good-looking guy beside you to protect.

3) Digimon SEASON 1


This only apply to season 1. Season 2 and 3 was fine but subsequent seasons just got weirder and weirder. There’s one that includes a police force and the collision of the Digiworld and the Human world. Whoa, my mind just froze to stupidity.

Lesson Learned: Buy the first Digivice.

I bought my first and last Digivice and I had the best childhood ever… until my dad confiscated it away from me because it affected my studies. By studies, I meant my primary school education. So, it really didn’t matter to me.

4) Power stone

Lesson learned: Jewelery changes you.

The power stones in this show changes the characters into magical beings and it’s transformation mirrors their personality. So, what I deduce from this is that with diamonds, it reveal your true colors as well as your beauty and strength let’s not forget that.

“POWER CHAAAANGE!!!!’ Oh and I love the tune they play when the characters transform. I have to admit that I role played the show with my siblings a decade ago and we rock socks.

With diamonds, comes greed as well. It’s a cliche storyline but the fact that the animations were great and that there’s still comedy in it just makes it still worth watching.

5) He-man

Lesson Learnt: You can be a Hero if you’re gay. So it’s OK.

What have I said about acceptance? That we accept all, so that’s my disclaimer. I’m teaching you guys about acceptance as well.

I’m going a bit controversial here so buckle up.

OK let’s kick the crap. The bob [at least Tarzan looks more masculine], the drag-like arched eyebrows, the biceps and the hairless skin. I can’t go farther. You do the math. He has a cat as a pet. Not only that, he’s surrounded by all these good-looking characters. Those fur boots and the golden cuffs. I mean, he’s gay and a hero. Hmm, a role model to all.





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