For your [stomach’s] consideration

A very Good Monday to everyone.

The weather’s so great.

It was cloudy and slightly drizzling.

The wind was cold enough to cool down my body and soul to a point of relaxation.

So today my branch mates ordered McDonald for lunch and I just had to eat McSpicy meal. The patty was great, the fries [carbohydrate sticks] was splendid and the Coke was … ehk.

As usual, I was full. I couldn’t sit properly. My belt was pressing down my stomach. It felt like a corset. I was about to die.

Then there was an extra burger. Double cheese burger without the vegetables. And we played a game, loser eats it. I tagged along because what’s the probability of me losing?

I lost…

I had to stuffed it down and I felt so fat afterwards [even though I gained 0.2kg an hour later]. So I promised myself that I won’t eat tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. OK, maybe not skipping lunch.

I took the bus home and saw my reflection in the mirror. Smash that shit with a bat, I look so fat! [I didn’t know the mirror was dented and like curved to disfigure my face.]

Then I had a sudden realization that I an suffering from Anorexia. I was in denial last time and called in ‘Manorexia’, but I feel that now. Holy shitballs!

Well, another reason I’m not eating for the next day is that I’m saving money. I say, if you don’t spend your money on food, spend it on clothes.




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