Bus etiquettes

Now I have this problem when I’m sitting on the inner side of the seats and someone else sitting beside me.

Here’s the thing, when I want to alight the bus, the person beside me won’t get up for me. She only tilted and retract herself and held a breath thinking that she had provided me with enough space to move out.

It’s like she doesn’t even want to touch me as if I had some kind of disease. Let me do a checklist.

1) Did I smell bad? [Well no, I sprayed my Brut perfume!]

2) Was I carrying anything remotely small for her to think that I can fit through that tight space? [Hell to the no, I was carrying a lot of books that day]

3) Was I filthy? [Well, I wouldn’t go out of house if I was]

So there was no reason for her to mush her face up. Maybe she thought that her face had to give space to me.

Well, there was no way I could get out so I told her, “Excuse me, I can’t fit through that” [Oh and I did the giggle and smiled to make the situation less serious]. AND SHE DIDN’T GET UP!!!! [jaws dropped]. Well she did tilted away so there was more space for me.

Sure enough, I brushed my arms against hers [not deliberately, of course] and she has the decency to do that “Urgh-germs-on-my-hands-let-me brush-it-of” action. I was very mad.

I’d always stand up and let the person move out so they don’t feel uncomfortable be it people with some extra loving pounds [plus size] on them or some small kid who could fit into a refrigerator.

I’m not trying to judge, I’ve just been in those situations.

So here’s the lesson today: Unless you want to smell my ass, get out of the damn seat for a second!


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