If I were Oprah I would…

The beautiful. The Powerful. The Goddess. The Oprah.

I can’t empathize with ……  her power but with so much greens and crispy Benjamin franklin[s], I’d buy a planet for anyone who has been discriminated and those who accepts people. Here, there’s just too much mayhem and issues that I just feel we should start from scratch. 

I’ll make sure everyone can get married … Every race, every gender, everyone has the right to love. [OK it sounds really cheesy but there you go] Equality for all I’d say. 

Stop Global poverty. Yeah. Ever heard how no one can’t prevent global poverty? Well, I bet Oprah has to power to do so. Maybe her own brand of canned food [named after Oprah of course] or something. I’ll hire some advisors as well while I’m at that. “GO!” Just like that. 

When it comes to goods, I’ll make sure I get everyone on earth a scarf from BUUURBERRYYYYY!!!!!!!

Well, in the short term I’d just stay in my house [mansion] and order people around and have people adore me. 

I’ll buy all the branded goods and all things in style. Well, if you’re that rich you’ve got to get yourself some clothes that makes you feel good. 

It’s all about feeling good with me. 

In my “O” Magazine … [that just sounds nice to have my own magazine] 


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