No time for siestas, off to shop

Here’s the thing, every month I would buy at least 1 wearable item be it an accessory or a top. Well, today I had a budget of $100 and I was planning to buy as many stuff as possible.

Although it’s Spring/Summer season, I’ve always loved Autumn/Winter and the neutral colours. It fits my pale skin better than a strong red or a blue. Blue just makes my pimples pop. [Nobody wants that to happen]

So, I went out with my sister because I need a voice of reason [in the end I was her voice of reason] in the decision making.

We decided to go to Bugis Street because it’s cheaper than Uniqlo, especially with a tight budget.

The first item I needed to buy was a 3/4 shorts and I found this print above. It costs me only $15. I just had to get it. I think it’s versatile. It would go well with any tops I have in my closet.

I love plaid prints. 

The second item was a neutral nude t-shirt. I got it from Uniqlo. $14.90. The material is so soft and I feel that quality is one of the main priority when it comes to a normal shirt. Again, I was going for the Autumn look. I know it’s out of season, but what the heck.

The third item I had to get is a top. [ Sorry I didn’t take a full shot of the top] I got this for $34.90. The most expensive item I got. It has a hood. The material is a cooling one. Definitely important here. 

You can totally spot a couple of strands jutting out. Well, that’s what you get if it’s some imitation. 

Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot more checkered and plaid prints but the color and the type of material they used doesn’t couple well with my vest or any accessory I have to couple with it.

Anyway, I had a bad tummy ache and it was a rush. But once I saw this, the pain went away. I just had to get it. Oh guess what? I bought a size ‘L’. FIRST TIME EVER! The size “M” stops right above my hip bone . . . .  Not going to work.

Now for foot wear

I initially planned to buy a pair of gladiator sandals to go with my roman theme [It’s not Autumn for sure, at least I’m following Summer]. The thing is, I can’t find it anywear. Not even in Faiz Plaza, Somerset or Bugis.

My feet needs a breather.

So while I was walking in Bugis Street, something caught my eye. I felt this attraction, I’ve never felt before. [I know, to a shoe?]


Readers are you gasping [you don’t have to] because I am. And guess what, it only costs me around $25. That was my best buy. The more branded and quality shoe that I would dream of buying would be this.


You can so tell that the color is more stronger. It’s branded so I’d have to keep on dreaming. What if I asked my mum to do the white stitching on the shoe? NO? I’d make it worst? Ya probably.

I’m one satisfied boy. I can’t wait to wear them. I know in total $100 is too much for one to spend, but I don’t spend them on food. So the costs transfers and the pain is not so much there anymore.  


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