Life lessons from years of playing Pokemon.

Move over Ash Ketchum, Fizzy’s here to be the next Pokemon Master. 

I’ve been playing Pokemon ever since the Gameboy Pocket was in stores. Ever heard of that?

Remember that?

It’s very old. It’s an antique. It’s over 10 years old. 

So back to my topic. It’s been almost a decade playing Pokemon and I feel that it’s been ingrained in my life somehow. 

So here it is

1) Just repel yourself away from people you don’t want to mingle with.

When you have a task to perform, wild Pokemon [people] that you encounter might just get in your way.

Not only that it might ‘inflict damage‘ to your already hectic lifestyle. So what you have to do in your head is to erase these people … only for a while … from your life and concentrate on what you want to do. 

Of course you might want to get yourself loads of “Max Repel” in your bag so you can avoid not only mosquitoes but annoying people. People might do the same to me, which is why there is no reason for you not to. 

2) Don’t stick to the norm. It’s boring. Be spontaneous. 

The above party I had was my 3rd time playing the game. I didn’t want to keep using the same pokemon. I feel that it’s important for me to use the underdogs. 

Tell me, who uses a Wobbuffet? I do, for the elite 4 especially. You know that one Pokemon you can’t defeat. I use my dear Wobbuffet’s ‘Destiny Bond’ move. That would mean that as soon as the opponent kills my Wobbuffet, that Pokemon immediately dies. [OK it’s suppose to be ‘faint’, but in this world, death fits perfectly]

I use a variation of Pokemon, because I accept all. So there’s another sub-lesson for you to learn: Accept all beings

3) If you’re stuck, just reset [new game]

OK, this one you cannot do. Reseting your life is too extreme. “Start over” your spiritual being? Once a mistake is done, you learn from it and you avoid that mistakes when you encounter with the same problem. Yeah, that sounds good.

4) When in doubt of a situation or … a person,

research their background and their weaknesses.

[Girls, tips on dating here! wake up!]

OK, maybe it spoils the fun of the thrill of dating/catching Pokemon but if it’s for the long run, why waste time when you can have a whole dish of information on your boyfriend/girlfriend-to-be.

If you now know that that specific person hates spicy food you can totally fix that person up with like … dumplings or something, I don’t know. I love spice. 

5)Vitamins are good for you.

Children, eat your vitamins.

Yes, we’ve heard that so many times. It’s so true. It makes you healthier and more stronger. True enough, it’s expensive. 9999(Pokemon Dollars)!!! 

Say goodbye to vegetables, who eats them anymore? [me]

Hello Vitamins!


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