Played with water

My hands looks like a branch from a tree. I love it!

[Omg hafiiz you’re so anorexic!]

I’ve always been fascinated by the movement of water.

So today I had this plan to get the camera and do some splash shots with my brother as the victim. He needed a good bath anyways.

My face needs a lot of control. I have control issues.[I was about to get wet OK] . But just look at the water pattern.

OK I can explain the poses in the pics. I’d love to take more so there’s a nice shot from the whole lot, but the floor was close to flooding. So continuing the ‘photo shot’ was a bad idea.

My next idea is to have like water flow down on my face. Something ethereal and flowy and tranquil.

It might look like I’m drowning. I can picture the failure in the whole thing.


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