Fizzy’s Not Fishing for Fishes

So today we had our fishing outing. Everyone’s all enthusiastic about the whole idea of catching tonnes of fishes.

I wasn’t as enthusiastic as them but I got to be the photographer for the day [Only because I had the Canon Camera]. Well cushion up my ass because I didn’t want to fish in the first place. 

Yes readers, it’s no longer Fizzy the model/writer [OK, I have the right to dream too] . I was Fizzy the Photographer (for the day)

The more professional fishermen caught these crabs. By professional, I meant old uncles idling around in the park. [Oh ya, we went to Pasir Ris Park]

No, that’s not an underground shoot or fruit. It’s part of a tree where these fat worms reside. You squeeze the ‘tube’ and the worm will just ooze out from it. Apparently, it’s for the fishes. [Well duh right]

Trust me, it looks and smells worst than how it’s being told.

Everyone got hold of their basic rod. It took them like half an hour to assemble and learn from the ‘guru’ [I was just snapping away with my camera]. I was like, “Go fish man!”, in my head of course. I didn’t want to be like a foreign prig.

After hours of fishing in the same spot, everyone scrambled to other fishing spots to get the “First-person-to-catch-a-fish” title. 

I had to go with my branch mates and it was fun seeing them flinging their rods [is that the correct word? I don’t know the fishing lingo] but not catching anything. There was a lot of hooks stuck in between rocks and tangled ones. It was hectic there. 

And finally [I mean, FINALLY], my friend here caught a fish. You can see the glee in his face, but you can’t really see the fish though.

It’s smaller than a palm size. Maybe around the size of a baby’s palm. But everyone was amazed by the catch..

And then this uncle caught a freaking catfish. He snipped off it’s fins and whiskers because it stings really bad. And then he sliced the damn fish from the mouth to it’s belly in front of me. 

Holy Moly was my mouth wide open

OK, I’m not that short, he’s just that tall. Oh how I wish I was his height. Well, you work what you got, right? He’s about 189cm. and I’m 175.

And of course when boredom kicks in, boys will be boys.

There was like ice throwing and like wrestling, I think. It was so funny.

There was biting as well. There were a lot of vampires there. Let me tell you, I was laughing my bones off.

I really wanted to stay longer but there was no chance my body would let me. My limbs were wobbly [And I didn’t fish once], My eyes were droopy. 

So once I got back home my sister asked me why there was almost no photos of me. Sure enough my sister took shot of me since I was all preppy.

I didn’t want it to be repetitive so the pictures, I’ve uploaded them on Facebook


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