How I sculpt my hair

I know it’s too early to make this post, considering how short my hair is but the steps are all the same.

So here are what you need to make my baby quiff.

1) A professional hairspray. Not the small bottles ones, those doesn’t work.

2) A blow dryer

3) A huge fan [I’ll explain later]

Firstly the cut, you’d want to cut both the sides and back really short. I don’t like it when people shave the sides short and left the back look like a horse. It’s not nice at all. The top should be kept long, more length for the fringe. [I’m working on that]

First up, damp up your hair and blow dry it up/backwards. I turned it on cold because high heat would just destroy my hair. [Best would be in high heat though]

But once it’s all dry up, turn the heat on! Just to make your hair straighter

Immediately you have to spray a light coat of hairspray to hold it for a moment. Here’s where the big, strong fan comes in. As soon as you spray it hardens. 

As you all know humidity would just curl our hair back [It did to me], so the fan acts as a drying agent to keep my hair straight. Use your fingers to make it even because I do not want it to look like a bird’s nest.

I know many have gone with that look with their wax, but I’m preppy, high society and I’m classy.

Once you get your skeleton fixed, spray that grass patch up! Don’t spray too much. I’m always guilty of making it look like a plastic bunch of grass to the extent that it once able to support my remote control. [Seriously, my hair was that strongly held]

Again, do it in front of your fan.

Spray the front, and then the back, Do not forget the back of the tidal wave because once the humidity kicks in, your quiff would curl back. 

It’s optional if you want to back comb the top to create volume, but my hair is too short for that. 

What you have to do is , from the back just use your hand/comb and shuffle it while you lightly spray it up. 

Spray the sides and the back down. I like the sides and the back tight

There you go. 

I have to give a late disclaimer though. This hairstyle is somewhat difficult to execute unless you have the right tools. Success rates foe this hairstyle to work is 3 out of the 5 working days. 

If anything bad happens, sweep it to the sides and you’d create a nice visor-like fringe that claws upfront. 



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