100th post couldn’t come sooner

Whoa, I didn’t know I would reach the 100th milestone.

I couldn’t think of anything special to do so I’ll just write what I’d normally write. But today, a lot of shit happened. 

First of all, I finally sculpted my hair so perfectly. It was like a perfect baby pompadour. I was medium-high but it was not strong. Once humidity kicked in after wearing my beret. . . . OH, no wonder it looked flat! Well, at least I looked good in the bus.

So being a new clerk, that I am, understanding what I’m suppose to do is such a must. So it’s kind of JC all over again for that day [and many more days to come]. 

I got quizzed. Ehk, didn’t answer most of them correctly. But hey, I’m there to learn and grow. 

Sure enough while I was in my dream mode, I was thinking of what topic I should I write on until . . . zzzzZZZZ

Oh yeah, I slept. I’m only human. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat or it was boring. I tried to start a conversation but my eyelids were just too heavy. I wanted to eat but the food today wasn’t appetizing at all. 

Minutes turned to hours when I remembered to buy my perfume. [Yes the Brut perfume I always have on] 

Then I was deciding what to buy in the market. Surprisingly, that woke me up. 

At the market, this crisps came to mind. 

I wanted to buy the hot and spicy one but this is great enough. It has a lot of flavor. It’s only $1.50. Gosh, it’s SOO good. I was really happy when I saw it there.

But there was one person who wasn’t, you know, excited to see me. This little girl totally ran to her mother and hide behind her with that look that she gave me. She’s like, “OMG, monster!!’ Maybe it’s because I was wearing my uniform.

I was like, “Girl, I might look like a man outside but inside, I’m a nice man”

I totally smiled at her, but I didn’t want to give an impression that I was some pervert. 


So since it’s my 100th post. Let’s see. I don’t want it to be an Emmy Award winner but I definitely have to thank all the tens of readers who have read and are reading my posts [and I can name you] 

Knowing that there are people ‘out there’ reading  keeps me motivated to write, so thank you.

Last but certainly not the least, I need to thank Aisyah who inspired me to write. [Shout out to Aisyah!!!] Actually I didn’t know much about blogging. She had to create a blog for me [Ya, that included me entrusting my password to her] Well, that’s why I love her. Yay for Aisyah!!

Until next time!!! [ And hundreds more to go :)]


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