A sudden realization.

OK, God knows I love to write. 

I’m going to reveal the conflict I have in my mind right now. I feel that it’s best if I put it into words. 

If you don’t like knowing about the university courses I’m choosing, it’s just best if you stop reading. I don’t want that, “Ugh, shut up Hafiiz”. I’m writing this so that I can reflect upon it so that I can make a better decision.

So, a degree in Psychology is definitely what I’m going for. So that’s settled. 

What I’m pondering about is the minor that I’m planning to take on. Creative writing.

Some of you would be like, “Hafiiz, where in God’s Green Earth would you do with that certificate?”

Well, publishing of course. It’s my dream to have my writing published in some magazine or something. The last time my essay was published was in secondary 4, in the school magazine. Let me tell you, my essay was on THE LAST PAGE


Even the “Special Thanks To the Sponsors” page had more credits that I got. So I feel that I really need that. I can’t possibly major English literature. That’s absurd. [OK, maybe it’s not so impossible to, but I feel that Psyche is there for me]

Now here’s the deal, NUS only has minor in English Language, not creative writing. 

But the modules are so interesting, I can’t say no.

EN1101E  An Introduction to Literary Studies 

EN2111 Reading British / World Texts

EN2112  Reading American Texts

EN2113  Reading Film and Cultural Texts

EN3221  The English Renaissance 

How fun is that!?

But wait, there’s this pre-requisite that might just impede me from getting it:

Pre-requisite(s)Exempted from NUS Qualifying English Test, or passed NUS Qualifying English Test, or exempted from further CELC Remedial English modules.

Shitzy! If I don’t pass that [ due to my atrocious GP grade], my dreams are crushed. Gone. Shatter. 

You bet I’m going to work my ass of for that QET. I’ve been reading every writing book there is in the library. I’m practicing it right now. [Maybe not]

So I’m weighing my pros and cons for each Uni.

NUS: Only Minor English Language

         : I can study all courses so if there’s a change in mind, I can easily switch over.

NTU: The only Minor Creative Writing in Singapore

         : But, I can only study for a specific course unlike that in NUS. [So there’s no way I can change if my passion                             switches, although I doubt it will]

I don’t know about SMU, but I’m hoping there is. [Crossing fingers]


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