2001 and 1996 song reviews


Now, I know I’ve been doing music reviews of Indie singers and those who are already dead. And I realized that you guys won’t read it so today I’m going into the top of the music Billboard 200 in US, and that’s Adele. One of my favourite current singers. I love her style, her music. It’s just subtle but empowering at the same time. 

The album, ’21’, has loads of great songs. I’ve listened to them all and I have to say that “Rolling In the Deep is my favourite song. 

The first few seconds already made me groove to the beat.

It has a good rising climax. Had goosebumps the first time I heard it. 

Basically, she’s showing her anger with some guy for playing with her heart. 

I just love her and I wonder why her videos don’t even come close to the viewers on Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. WHY?

There’s real music right there.


Now, from 2011 going back to 1996

from Country/Pop to R&B/Soul

from venting of frustration to leaning on a friend when in need.

It’s ” Count On Me” by the great Whitney Houston and Cece Winans. [OK, Whitney was the best before she got cracky]. 

Like how the title goes, it’s an uplifting song about hope and how a friend can support you. 

Count on me through thick and thin 
A friendship that will never end 
When you are weak, I will be strong 
Helping you to carry on 
Call on me, I will be there, don’t be afraid 
Please believe me when I say, count on  . . . 


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