The day of labour

Workers, peasants, commoners of all flavour and colour. This is the day of appreciation and edification.

OK so it’s a holiday. I don’t consider myself as a part of the nation’s workforce, considering how little I have done for ‘her‘ [I’m being very feminist here]

So I know I should have done this post yesterday but I was watching “My life on the D-list” with my sister till midnight.

This is what I realized yesterday.

There were a lot of people. [Obvio!!!] ME and Ruzzie couldn’t find a seat in Starbucks so we had to eat at McDonald. We ate the Seaweed Shaker Fries. OMG, yummy is totally an understatement. I did wanted the Hot & Spicy one to be on sale but that suffice. 

The Spicy Nuggets were very Malay-Inspired. I’m not going to lie, but I felt the Malay in me oozing out with every bite I took.

OK, back to Labour Day. When you see/hear the phrase ‘Labour Day’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Equality, Union for workers and all that jazz, right? [By that I meant equality among all racial and cultural elements regardless of race and career type]

Don’t you think that with the General Election, it actually divides us? I know its for the welfare of the people but it’s kinda like the nation is split. Well what else is new, right?

At least all of us wants something good for our country. That’s the most important thing.

The different groups . . . criticizing each other’s policies, I cannot understand. It’s like turning into a “Mine is better” match. Just shut up and vote!

Where’s the feeling of equality? Where’s the parade? Where’s the carnival?

It’s not Family Day.

Family, Shamily. 

Maybe we have achieved equality, somewhat. PFFT


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