April Favourites

During the Month of April, there have been products that I have been using/consuming which were great and I’m here to share them with you. 


This month I’ve been consuming a lot of Skittles. By ‘a lot’, I meant a larger proportion of my small consumption of junk food . The sour ones are on top of my list. 

Skittles, naturally has a lot of colours and it just brightens my day. I eat it in my office. 

The only thing I hate about this is that it burns my tongue after excessive consumption. As you all know me, I basically eat my sweets in 3’s and 5’s. It scalds your tongue so bad, another dose of that sour skittle would set your mouth high in acidity.


Now this is drastic change for me. I would usually buy like peach red tea with triple pearl [in which the Stall owner claim, “3 time pearl“]. I did realize that there was this yogurt drink and they blend it with fresh strawberries.

I was like, if there’s anything I need that is fresh, it’s got to be the strawberries.


It’s  way better than the teas I’ve bought. 


I know there’s an innuendo hidden in the picture, but let’s not go there, shall we?

I’ve been using this products, along with my concealer, for a year and it never fails me. I need a bronzer to sculpt my face. It’s not to look feminine. [sheesh, you people] I apply it on my temples, under my cheekbones and under my jawline to look thin and have a more defined bone structure. [That’s a tip, the ‘3’ motion_ Temple, Cheekbones, jaws]

OH OH, apply a little on the sides of your nose, so it looks surgically pinched. OK, you guys know how gi-normous my nose is. I’ve had plenty of self-esteem issues with ye olde nose

It’s has no orange undertones so you won’t look burn. 

The cost did pinched me a little ($40) at Sasa, but I’m still using it, and it’s not even 1/20 done. 

I would recommend a blending brush, because I had to use my other small brush for tanning (It was meant to be a bronzer but my skin was just too dark for any effect, so it became my self-tanner) 


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