Major events, major drama

Well, I did wanted to do a separate post on the General Election Results and Mother’s Day but I’m so tired and there wouldn’t be much to write about anyway. And the next post will be the outing I had today at Sentosa, so there’s a lot of typing tonight.

And, since both of them were held on the same day, it would be appropriate to reveal the emotions captured that day.

If you’re reading this post, you’d probably know who won the election and the seats covered. I already know but let’s pretend that we don’t know, shall we?

So Saturday my family and I had to attend some religious event. So after that we ate dinner as one big giant family. [From different branches]

Sure enough it was a few minutes to the General Election Results and people were talking about the votes they just cast. It was full on debates and ever-flowing stands from each sides of the house.

And you know, as I always say, “Just Shut Up and Vote!!!… and after you vote, shut up!!!”. There, I typed it. [I only meant it in the most sincerest way]

I believe there was a point of time when a huge argument was about to erupt. Luckily, they were really mature enough to make it professional and I have to say I learned a lot of political stuff from the conversations.

I telling you, politics will sure cut a bitch. And it will cut you. You cannot put two highly opinionated people together. They’re like 2 fighting fishes. 

So when it was time to cut the Mother’s Day Cake, there was this division. The mothers and female supporters [includes me] were cutting the cake and the fathers and male chauvinists were watching the election. Oh, so that’s how it is. 

I don’t want to get all feminist here again  but , I have to give props to all the mothers out there. I respect you and I sure am glad that you exist.

Someone has to do all the housekeeping well.

OK, don’t get me started on the GE result. It was so slow moving, I thought Gurmit Singh gave a faster result in Singapore Idol. I couldn’t watch it till about 3am. By midnight I went to bed and heard the results the next day. 

Well guess who won? [OK, you already know, I forgot]


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