Off to the beach . . . again.

Oh ya, Mothers Day was celebrated at the beach. 

Temperatures were around 34·c and with the humidity, whoa I was drenched. I even wore a double layered top and long jeans with shoes. Ya, I think I lost a jugful of sweat. That totally detoxified my body. 

I didn’t know which side of the beach we went, in Sentosa, but we ‘camped’ under a coconut tree…..with grass surrounding us. Yeah, there was no soft sand around us. 

We had to walk all the way to the end of the beach [because we were far away from the ‘end of the beach’]. Can you picture it? 

I ran all the way to the shore [ the sands were really hot] and sat on the hot rock. I couldn’t wet the rock to cool it down because my jeans would get wet [Well duh, right?]

Once there, I was like being cooked on the damn rock.

So I made a fashion statement…

OK, maybe it wasn’t a wise choice but that sun was hurting my scalp. Let’s say it was an African inspired, urban look.

And then it went turban-y. 

We surprised our mum with a Mother’s Day gift. It’s definitely something sentimental to her and it’s the perfect gift for a mother. [I looked all happy and bubbly there, but that was taken after tens of sneezes and blowing of my nose and running nose, it was terrible]

After that we went to Vivocity and I went to Uniqlo and bought me a nice hat [natural tone], a dark brown top and a v-neck shirt. I spent like . . . OK I’ll stop right there.



2 Responses to Off to the beach . . . again.

  1. diana says:

    hahahahhaah fizzy you damn cute. i like your turbany look

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Hahaha thank you. It’s an original look. hehe

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