The one battle I will never win

I can’t stand it when someone has nothing better to say than to debase you. It’s really irritating. Just today I’ve experienced 2 scenarios that just made me feel so . . . hopeless and melancholy.

Of course when these things happen I’d turn on my defense mechanism, which is to laugh and smile at whatever was thrown at me. That’s what I’ll always do.

The first 2 weeks I continue laughing, but if the same thing over and over and over again, you know it’s irritating. Well, what do you do then? 

The pressure’s building up inside of you and you just feel like slapping him, saying all the nasty stuff to him, but you can’t. You want to remain that composure that you create so that people don’t look down on you . . .  even more. 

They say, “Speak your heart out”. Well, I don’t do that. The moment I do that, I feel that the atmosphere would change to an awkward one. I’ve experienced that before and it was really uncomfortable.

There were some times when I actually showed this significant other a cupful of Fizzy Fierceness and it felt good because I really need this person to be aware of the situation.

People, if someone constantly say something irritating and physically irritate you, you would want to give this person a small piece of your mind, right? 

The next one is a more personal one, but I feel that it’s important for people to have empathy

I know I’m a bit flamboyant and there are a couple of questions that you insensitive people [some of you that is, most of y’all are my angels] asked me and I was like, “Are you for real?”. Some of the questions got really deep but general that I could totally see where they’re heading. I couldn’t believe the questions asked.

Is it any of your business to decide how I walk or stand or talk? Hell to the no. 

Again, I’ll just smile, but it does eats you up inside after years of not only insensitive but also slandering comments. Then I realize, it’s been years of battle against people with no empathy that I give up on them.

This is one battle I will never win.


2 Responses to The one battle I will never win

  1. diana says:

    be strong hafiizzzzzz! patience. 🙂 you can do it. If they disturb you i scold them for u hahaha

    The next one is a more personal one, but I feel that it’s important for people to have empathy. -very true.

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Haha can can. Thx ah

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