The person that made my day.

There’s this guy that would always walk past me in the tunnel towards the MRT station and he would smile and say “Bye bye” to me.

I was walking towards some shop to buy “August” Magazine and he was like beside me on the escalator and wished me a “Bye bye”. Not only that, he did it like 3 times this year. It is definitely coincidental that he’d be walking beside me. [Maybe we took the same bus]

WHO THE f@#$ IS HE??? I’m still thinking why he did that. 

Now I’m not one who would come up to people and speak to them but he’s so kind. 

He’s from the army [because he was wearing his uniform] but like he’s like a bit cross eyed

Here’s the thing, I’ve never seen him before. I don’t think he’s from my BMT and he’s definitely not from any of my previous schools. He’s just this guy who just said “Bye Bye” to me. He said it in a very soft and almost scared manner.

I totally smiled back because there’s some kind of story behind his words and the way he said it. It’s creepy though.

Well, all I’m saying is that that totally made my day. Who would have guessed, a nice “Bye bye” would make my day. That’s what we need on this earth.


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