What makes you smile?

Actually, I don’t need any reason to smile. People say I always smile for no reason. [OK, there’s always something funny for me to smile. I easily get amused]

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the nicest smile. My gums will just show and it’s pretty disturbing but I can’t help it. Once I’m happy my teeth will show.

I’m sure you’ve heard that it takes less muscles to smile that it is to frown. No wonder I feel so tired after my mood swings. 

So here are a few reasons for me to smile:

1) Walking out of a store after buying a set of new clothes for myself.

Now you know I’m just crazy about buying new clothes because all my life I’ve never been able to have my own style [since it’s all uniform from Kindergarten to College] and I have a lot to catch up to.

I don’t know much about men’s fashion, but I’m learning and I’m experimenting. So whenever I buy meself like a new hat or a top, I’m really satisfied and I’ll be thinking about the matches I can make with my other clothing.

2) Eating a scoop of Nutella early in the morning before going to work

Looking at how glossy and thick that spoonful of chocolate is already makes me smile. This is one of the many sinful indulgence that will make any one of you smile. 

People, if it makes you happy, just do it. Don’t stop yourself from being happy just to please others. [OK I’m talking about the bigger picture]

3) When my hair is well-sculptured.

If I can make my hair be that great or at least close to that hairstyle, I will be like walking out of my house knowing that I look different and I know I look good in this hairstyle. 


Come on mum, cut my hair just like that, please?????

4) Knowing that my mum would cook up something delicious every week.

My mum is the best cook there is. I don’t really like her western-meets-Malay fusion dishes, but the traditional ones like Laksa is just to die for.

5) Lastly, I smile because I love you 

Just to know that I have good friends who always have something funny to talk about makes my day and my life more  bearable. Even when the laughter makes my stomach hurts, I would ask for a hundred of that than a monotonous life.


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