Courses Chaos

Hey y’all.

Well, today was the NUS Open House. I had to go for this because I’m in a dilemma on what course I want to take and what to major, minor and all that jazz. 

I went with Yu Zhen. Let me tell you, it was such a joy to go out with her and we laughed and gossiped. So we ate lunch at Pastamania and I bought this cheesy crumble turkey bacon dish. It was delicious and cheesy. But that’s definitely not what you’re here for.

Let me tell you about the journey to NUS.

Now, this would be my 3rd time to NUS. The last time was some FASS quiz [which we obviously lost] and we got lost. Well, today . . . we were lost again. 

All I could think of was getting there and feel the cool air conditioned atmosphere. [And maybe soak my feet in warm water]

Finally, we got to the building and people came to us, handing us brochures. Immediately, this senior from the Geography booth came up to me and asked me, “Hello, are you interested in taking Geography as your major?” 

In my head I was like, “Not anymore” but what the heck. It was my first love anyway. So I listened to this guy talking about human geography and how the modules are totally remotely taught differently than that in JC.

It’s more applicable to society and it’s fun. This could work!

Then I went on to the Psychology booth for YZ to clear all of her doubts. Psychology has always been in my checklist so knowing more wouldn’t hurt.

I walked away from the booth towards the languages section of the room and this Malay guy asked me if I’m Malay. Here’s the scenario:

Malay guy: Hi, are you Malay?

Innocent me: Umm, yes I am.

Malay guy: Do you speak malay?

Innocent me: Well, yeah. A bit.

Malay guy: OK, then are you interested in taking Malay Studies as your major? 

Innocent me: Not really, but you can tell me more about it…[I know right, I’m so kind]

Malay guy: Well…[This part of the conversation was a blur. In fact the rest of the conversation about the study of Malay culture was pretty much a “Blah Blah” in my mind. I said thanks in the end, if you want to know whether the conversation ended of well.]

I went on to the English Literature and the philosophy booths to check them out.

But each time I cross this boundary between languages and social science, the guy from the “South Asian Studies” kept handing me Indian delicacies and fragrant flowers. [Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of the Muruku and the flowers]

Finally, the lecture we’ve been waiting for, ‘Psychology”, was around 4pm.

We went there, sat in the front row. I was all excited to know what I’ll be learning and then this professor was talking more about “Psychology is not for/for you if…” dialog and how rigor the degree is going to be.

I actually got turned off during the first half of the lecture and couldn’t wait to get out of the room. It was mostly clinical psychology. Very biological based. Well, maybe this isn’t for me.

Maybe geography.

Sure enough I made a list of courses I’m contemplating to major in.

Major choices: Psychology, Geography

Minor choices: English literature, Mass communication.

Writing and publishing is definitely mandatory in my life. I need some form of expression and this minor could help achieve that and more.

On a positive not, I have 2 years to think about it. 

Later on me and YZ were scrambling around “The Clementi Mall” for food because we only drank water. In fact, we didn’t even consume anything in NUS.

“All I wanted to do was to take out my shoes and go home”



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