Family problems?

There’s this really unusual conversation I overheard in the bus that made me think a lot about my life and what I’m heading for. 

Now, I’m on the bus back home and I’m listening to my Indie Songs, enjoying every second if it, when suddenly I heard some lady shouting from the back.

She’s really frustrated with her, 21 year old, son for not coming back home [ Because he was staying at his grandmother’s house for way too long without her permission] 

So here’s the thing, the Granny is going senile just to keep the house clean, let alone take care of her grandson. The lady said something along this line, “You’re not just making Grandma crazy, you’re making me crazy as well, you know?

“I understand if you want to stay there for one day, I give you that. But when it’s 2 weeks, that too much already.”

You study and study and study to get your degree but you can’t think sensibly, what’s the point of getting your education?”

That hit me, right there. See here readers, she makes perfect sense here. It’s the value you gain as a human being that count in this world. Not the certificate.[OK it does help, but that’s just the start] 

It was then did I realize that she actually reside in the same block as I do. 

I really wanted to comfort her when we took the elevator up. She looked so tired and distressed. 


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