How to: Fly under the radar in your office

Work was horrible.

I know it’s a bad start to this post but let me get it off my chest. 

Now when you’re in a bleak working environment, you’d rather stay on the down low. Because someone out there would just assign you some task to finish up and it just piles up.

Well, if you’re facing that already, I’m going to tell you [share, rather] the different tricks that I tried which may or may not work in your office. 

Lesson No. ONE!: Get a table of your own.

Once you get your own table, it gives a sign that you already have work to do. 

Sitting on a remote chair would just scream “I’m sitting, just sitting with nothing to do”. With your own desk, you can write some notes and it will look like you already have a task of your own and your boss would not disturb you. [Unless of course it’s really important]

On my first week of work, I was simple sitting on my imaginary desk (chair) and immediately people were like asking why I didn’t have any work to do.

So, get a desk.

Lesson No. Two: Pretend to call someone

Just like how I’d be checking all the phone numbers in my phone if I happened to walk past some Mat group who would laugh at me, fake calls does work. [So far, that is]

Any moment someone with higher authority enters, just pick up that phone and start mumbling or hum to a song. It does feel stupid, I have to admit. But it just become natural after a while.

Lesson No. Three: Don’t ever, ever give a ‘stoned’ face

[OK, I didn’t realize all of my pictures were dull in color]

You’ve got face muscles, use them!

Look lively or stressed out. Raise those eyebrows as if you’re thinking of a solution for some dumb-ass problem that suddenly got into your to-do list. If your face is busy, then you’re busy. It shows. 

I know if it’s 3pm, you’re already tired. Your eyes start to droop, but this is for the best of humanity.

Lesson No. Four: Avoid eye contact / Remain invisible

Here’s my theory, if you hide, you avoid being given tedious tasks. 

This is simply because once both of you and your ‘boss’ gain eye contact, even for a split second before you avert your eyes, he/she will start thinking of stuff for you to do. That eye contact might just trigger a huge surge of problems towards you. 

So, literally stay low for you to stay under the radar.

There you go. 4 useful tips  for you to try out. [Just try it, OK?]

Oh wait, I forgot to give a disclaimer for these tips. They only work with some people of higher power. So if you get into trouble for using my tips, don’t kill me. 


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