Since today’s main topic in the office was about horror movies and ghost stories, I want to share some scenes which scared me to the extent of me having nightmares about it.

 I’m sorry that it’s pretty lengthy, but I thank you at least for visiting my haven.

Well, get ready

.It’s Mr. Bean.

Yes, it’s not Ju-on, or The Ring, it’s freaking Mr.Bean. I can explain. [OK, I can’t]

Now the video above is the scene that got me so scared, I was literally jumping out of my seat. Now, I’m sure you’ve watched the movie and how Mr. Bean was so dramatic in the scene. 

I felt his rush and immediacy to get that stain off the painting. And each time it got worst, it felt like the world fell apart.

And once that painting bubbled due to some reaction, the expression he gave pierced right through me. 

Oh wait, the part when the nightmare comes into play is this picture.

I’m getting goosebumps just looking at it. I mean, who wouldn’t be a tad jumpy when they see the face, especially when the scene was in the dark, gloomy room and the person in the picture is smiling at you. 

Maybe it’s the long nose that has a sexual innuendo but I have no explanation why I’d have nightmares about the picture when I was younger. 

Since we’re already in the topic of nightmares, phobias would also cause nightmares, right? I think it does. 

Here’s the thing, I have this phobia of inflating balloons. When you ask me to blow a balloon up, it will only inflate till the size of your palm. [Pretty pathetic, right? I know] It’s not just fear of inflating balloon, anything growing or inflating would trigger goosebumps. It all started when I bit a balloon and it burst, instilling darkness into me. [OK, a bit too dramatic]

Shoot, I just love how everything has a hidden sexual meaning behind it. Anyways…

So the same concept applies to my nightmare, it’s this spiky, circular thing that is expanding behind me and I’m running away from it. Even today, I’d get these nightmares from time to time. 

Well there’s something you don’t know about me. 

I believe there’s always a meaning to whatever you dream of. If I follow Freudian’s theory, everything’s sexual. A box or a trench can be interpreted as a vagina and a stick or a pole would signify. . . otherwise. [OK, you get the picture. Erase it. Come back to me]

Unfortunately, Sigmond Freud’s theory was too generalized.

Meaning, nothing’s wrong with me.


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