No laptop??? Oh my!!

Well now that my laptop is being confiscated away from me, I feel that a part of me is missing. I feel alone and I want someone to hug me.

Anyways, I’m here in another mode of media. My itouch has finally proven it’s usefulness.

Unfortunately I can’t upload photos because my camera here is of low quality, so I apologize for the non-picturesque post.

I initially wanted to share the products I wanted to buy from “toysRus” [ OK, I’m still 18 so give me a break ] because I found this catalogue and it reminded me of the days when Northpoint had one.

But that’s not going to happen!

Well today was awful. Work was torture, but it ended of well.

Oh oh, I bought meself a bubble tea and the vendor lady totally had a disgusted look when I gave my order.

” Auntie, can I have one chocolate milk tea. . . . Triple pearl please.”

And she was like “Eeee” ( I know right!!)

I smiled, wondering if my tea would turn out disgusting. It was pretty good I tell you.

But pearls don’t go so well with milk really. Red tea or some fruity ice blended drink would complement the subtle sweetness from the pearls.

At least I went home as a happy contented boy.

Until next time!!!


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