High Brow in Arab Street












Today’s my dad’s birthday. It’s more of a commemoration for my dad. I’m going to dedicate this post to him.

We’re all constantly praying for him. May he rest in peace.

Love you dad!

So today’s post is mainly about us buying cloth for our Hari Raya costume. Sadly, I can’t reveal the colour theme here, but it’s soft and it’s refreshing. 

Since we’re heading to Arab Street, I decided to wear an outfit that has an Arabic twist in it.


My mum’s outfit is a 100% original. She made it herself. It has a blue hue which goes very well with her skin tone. It’s very simple, but enough for you to keep looking. 

I wore my black ensemble with my Maternal Grandfather’s scarf (1940s, how antique is that!) and matched it with my red shoes. Red is in, it gives a plain outfit a dash of personality. A little splash of colour is always fine. 

Here’s more pictures taken by my sister in monochrome.


Well, enough of the black and white pictures, Arab street is full of vibrant colours and it very well deserve to be shown here.

After walking around, we finally did what we planned to.

Here’s the thing. My mum knows what she wants. So every time she walks past a clothe shop [Is that what it’s called?] the shopkeeper would invite her in but my mum would take 2 seconds to know that nothing there is what she wants

I felt pretty bad for them being rejected by her [There were a lot of high brows when she did that]. She’s feisty. I love it. 

Now choosing the right clothe is important, so my mum says. 

It has to be of the right colour palette that matches your skin tone. 

It has to be breathe easy for your skin. [ You do not want to sweat during Hari Raya, trust me.] Houses are especially hot with all of the people crowding in.

It has to stand out from everyone else.

Finally we got a great bargain from the storekeeper. They even gave us drinks for being fabulous customers.

After that we were walking out of Arab Street and this Arab guy who seemed to be selling carpets said, “Hello handsome”. I don’t know if it’s a method to invite us in, but I just smiled at him. and walked away with a high brow.

I hope you have a great Saturday and when ‘Sunday comes afterwards’, let’s hope Monday goes well. 







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