That Trevor project

Well, I have supported for The Trevor Project. 

Yes, because I’m human. 

I initially wanted to support the “Music for relief” campaign but I feel that this project speaks to me more because I get bullied and verbally dehumanized, even at the slightest signs for being flamboyant. 

And if that alone makes me so melancholy, I cannot imagine what it’s like to be ostracized and  to be emotionally shattered by ignorant people in such closed-minded countries. And to the extent of committing suicide just angers me. It frustrates me and it has to change.

Sure you would say there are bigger problems like “Global warming” and “Financial crisis” but if I don’t have a say in this topic, who will? 


Again, you don’t have to be gay or whatnot to support this project. Just be a human being and this world will definitely be a better place



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