Weird dinner


There’s such a day? Well, I thought families usually eat together. [They don’t now?]

Then I definitely agree with this day. I feel that with career minded parents and teenagers with technology, the boundary among family members are more apparent

Since yesterday/tomorrow was/is “Eat with your Family Day”, I feel it’s time for some reviews of my mum’s food.

Today’s probably the best dinner ever. [If we cross out KFC, Pizza Hut, Macdonald and other fast food outlets]

Yup. Potato wedges. 

Actually it was Maggie noodles, but all that MSG was too unhealthy for us. 

This dish is healthy. It’s low-carb.

You can easily lose weight with this diet. 


2 Responses to Weird dinner

  1. potato wedges says:

    ums, its potato wedges. how are they low carb?

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Well since we stir-fried it and eliminate dips like sour cream, it’s more healthier. Now I’m no expert in food nutrition but it’s definitely how you cook that would make a difference. Haha

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