Pre-X-men First Class Shivers

I’ve been an X-men fan ever since the cartoons were like this.

There were a lot of cheesy but unique costumes. 

Next week I’ll be watching “X-men First Class” and I’m very excited about it. I’m very passionate about the whole plot of this storyline. It encapsulates a conflict between mutants and human beings. Similarly, minorities experience the same problem. 



Religious separation.

All of which causes major division between us all. 

Of course you need figure to change all that and that’s where Professor X comes to play. He’s inspired people to accept by promoting peace and harmony. By nurturing lost mutants around the world, he’s the hero among most comic characters.

He’s the reason behind all civil/human activists. 

So he’s bald but with a gift of being telepathic, he’s able to  (try to) halt one of the greatest battle on earth. 

Before watching the movie, reading their biography would give you more of an understanding about the characters. I’m not sure if they would follow the comics but knowing their stories and empathizing them would make the movie more enjoyable. 

OK, now I really can’t wait to watch the movie. I hope you enjoy the movie. [I hope I do too]





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