Men’s Fashion Magazine choices

There are 3 men’s magazine that to introduce here. All 3 of them are very different in their own ways and if you are searching for the right magazine and not waste money experimenting, you’re at the right post.

Style: Men

This is the first magazine I purchased. There’s not much style tips as I want the magazine to have, but it is just enough for me to continue buying the next month’s cover.

There’s even a specific look where you buy the clothe piece or find a similar piece to achieve the showcased look. 

It is a bit pricey. If you’re able to fork out $7 a month for this, then you’re up for numerous quality pictures [not that other magazines have poorer quality images], interviews by upcoming fashion designers and grooming tips to set you off into the streets looking classy, sassy and all that jazz.

August Magazine

This magazine is more of a men’s journal that a fashion magazine but they do give readers styling tips and reviews of a collection. 

It’s a collation of fashion, art, photography, interior design and travel. I wouldn’t recommend someone to buy “August if they just want ideas in style” because the style section is very limited and you just wish they’d publish more of it.

Other than that, the fashion tips are great.

Homme Designare

 Here’s the winner. 

This thick and huge magazine is filled with outfits from runway shows. There’s a lot of style options to choose from which cater to everyone. 

And guess what? It’s only $5. I thought a magazine that thick would cause a dent in my savings, but obviously not.

In the latest issue they’ve featured the Men’s Fashion Week from Day 1 to Day 5. So you can get a lot of inspiration from it and incorporate in into your closet. 

Everything you need to know from what’s the latest trend to a designer’s favourite style tips are all in here. 

There you go. I hope it helps because “Homme” is the one magazine I will buy next month. 


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