How do you play ‘Twister’ in life?

Twister’s a really complicating, tiring game that has taught me a lot about life. So by playing twister, you can get a better life.

1) If you have it, go for it. If not, forget it.

When you play twister, the longer the legs and hands the better you fare in the game.

The taller you are, the easier it is to reach for the spots.

The more flexible you are, well . . . you get the point.

Life is like that as well. If you do not show your special abilities, you’re out of the game. Use what you have. Each and every person have their own attributes. If you know you are not able to be a doctor since you studied Arts, what’s the point of competing in a science quiz? [OK, flashback]

What I’m saying is that you have to know yourself so that you are aware of your limitation and proceed to other avenues that cater to your strengths.

2) Always stay fierce

Twister is probably the most ugliest game you can ever get yourself into. It has a lot of stretching and would expose inappropriate areas of your body. You’re sweating, you’re close to people. Not a good sight.

So, place your hands/legs in spots that would look appealing and morally right. Cross your legs if you have to. I naturally get into these poses that look uncomfortable but it was picture perfect.

Same goes to life. It’s ugly out there and whatever you do, always look good. It shows how confident you are. It creates a good first impression which lasts. 

3) Be fast or else you’ll suffer

Now you know how it is when someone put their hands on a coloured spot before you and you have to then place your hands in the most uncomfortable spot. You lose.

Likewise, you have to be quick. Once you see an opportunity, seize it immediately! Just go for something near, that’s the best. 

There you go. 

While you’re probably thinking why I chose Twister? I’m just being spontaneous. 

Until next time!!


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