Don’t look at me like that!


I can admit that I have really low self-esteem about my looks and my physical being. [But I do take care of my grooming, if I have to say so myself]

So today, I was walking back home after another busy day at work.

Face, as oily as a chicken wing.

Hair, weave of messiness.

Then this lady [probably late 40s] looked at me. No, no, glared at me and then frowned. Immediately, I wondered if I did something wrong. 

I got up the escalator [the one beside Starbucks] and saw my partial reflection and a piece of my hair is sticking out of my head.

It’s like a twig. 

A devil’s horn.

I can’t believe I walked all the way looking like an alien. Oh no, it’s much bad enough thinking about it. 

Well, I hope I get inspired soon so that I can post about something more interesting. [Apart from my hair. Pfft]


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