X-Men First Class . . . Love!

AAAAHHHHHH. Sorry, I just had to get that out.

X Men First Class was so good. I mean, I was a little boy again in that cinema. 

Now here’s a movie that tackles the main problem of alienation and accepting yourself for being different. I quote from Mystique, “Mutant and proud”. That really is a huge lesson for everyone out there and the movie most definitely achieved that.

I love the mutants they chose for the movie. [Although, there were some characters I’d hope they would use in the movie]

It answers almost all of the question from X-men 1,2 and 3. I now know why Professor X and Magneto had a complicated rivalry in the subsequent X-Men movies

We know why Mystique is in an alliance with Magneto. It’s putting all the puzzle pieces together and that’s what I love. 

The only problem I have with this movie was that Storm was only a little girl when Professor X was telepathically searching mutants to join forces with him. Once I saw that African girl with white hair, I was all excited.

So anyway, I feel that this might be the only Marvel movie based on its comic book that actually succeeded in giving me goosebumps throughout the 3/4 of the show. 

It makes me want to read the comics all the way to the end!

Now that’s one fine movie.

Now I’ll give a brief impression of the characters [mutants] in the movie that caught my attention.

Professor X: An intelligent guy who constantly has to place his fingers on his temple to activate his powers? Well, other than that, he’s a good actor.

Magneto: Now this guy looks more like a hero. The emotions he showed were real and candid. Love that.

Raven/Mystique: Again, her story is very moving but she didn’t really show her combat skills and agility.

Maybe more training I guess? All she did to help in the movie was to transform into Sebastian Shaw [the villain] and interfered with the fight between Azazel and Beast.

Banshee: Interesting ability of sonic blasts. I’ve read about his abilities and history. The screaming is cute.

Angel: NOOOO. I thought she was the good girl. 

 Sure enough, she joined Shaw’s evil group. All she wanted was to be accepted and feel like a queen.

FYI she has veined wings to fly and shoots highly acidic substance from her mouth. Cool

Darwin: “Adapt to survive”: Damn, why did the good guy die?!?! 

Well, it’s thrilling, entertaining, filled with emotion. This movie is a must-watch movie. X-men fans, you’re going to die watching this. It’s that good. 


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