Scarves trends 2011/2012

Forget monochrome and dead colours.

It’s time to boost your style with a little pop of colour. I little red could do the trick.

Scarves are in but you’re probably wondering how in Singapore can we wear a scarf in such a warm, humid climate?

Well, you can always substitute the heavy and bulky scarf with a light and airy one like the one above to give your neck a breather.

It’s versatile, really.

You can wrap around your neck as a tie. [That would give an Italian-inspired look]

I suggest wearing it with a tailored top to give it a contrast. A black top would complement the bright blood red of the scarf.

It can be a belt.

For girls, if you wrap it around your head it could be a hippie look.

You can tie it anyway you want and still look stylish.

I got it from Cotton On. It’s a “Rubi” product and it costs only $5. I mean, if it’s not a waste of money to look luxurious, why not buy it?

It’s a great accessory to your collection.


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