Valium in the Sunshine _ Maps

If you’re in love there’s that moment that you can’t put it into words, this is the song that says it all.

This Indie Rock band, Maps, exudes an angry and dread-like emotion in the album which I don’t like. But this song is fantastic. It’s about feeling good about someone.

It’s a realization of a relationship that is hopeful and promising.

“You make me so good
To be around, 
Feeling like you should, 
Wont get you down

I’ve been crawling through the morning
Soporific, never lazy
Mind’s elsewhere, but I ain’t crazy 

Full bliss every time, 
Receive the sun
It’s coming on. 
Impasses, states collide
She is the one who keeps me calm”

When you’re in that moment when everything else behind you fades away and you two are the only person left in the world, that’s the feeling I get from this song. 

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to feel that sensation of my own and I may never will, but at least I get to experience it in this song.


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